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Colorado Video Production

Video Production Specialist

Video Production - Production Manager - Director Photography - Rich Raney

Rich: 303-523-4005



Partial Credit Highlights:  

DP/Production Coordinator
Joan Armatrading - Music Video  "Best Dress On"
3 - Panasonic, HD DVCPRO 720p P2 Cameras,
Shot and produced with Joan and the band at the Botanic Gardens in Denver. The video and remix was selected out of the 75 plus tour locations to be the bonus track on a DVD of the Albert Hall Concert she preformed. Edited and remixed in FCP. Crew: DP, Rich Raney - Lowel Pierce. Production Mgr: Lynne Ida. Post Production, Cero Productions.  


DP/Production Specialist
Call 911 Discovery ID- Producer Tom Jennings Santa Monica  "5 series specials"
Shot on the HDV Sony Z1U 1080i,
with extreme slow shutter speed. Reanactments and interviews of real life and death situations from leg punctures to truck roll-overs in the mountains of Colorado. Crew: Field Producer: Jim Lindsey,  DP, Rich Raney - Sound/Gaffer: Andrew Phillips.


DP/Production Manager/Line Producer 
Aero Grow International - series of National/international Infomercials -  Aero Garden Infomercial  
3 - Panasonic SDX-900, DVCPRO 50 Cameras, Local Crew of 40 - Shot footage in Boulder and Denver, CO for a series of National/International Infomercials for the Aero Garden -  Aero Grow International, Corporate Office: Boulder, CO  Producer/Director, Luis Ortega, Randy Seffern, Med Ed Architects, Chicago, IL 


Director of Photography - ENG
The Danish Broadcasting Corporation - "Horisont" Program  -=Press Release=-
Sony F-900 - Littleton, CO: In light of the recent massacre at Virginia Tech College - International television producer - Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Denmark) & Colorado Video Production (DP Rich Raney) along with the assistance of The Columbine High School, shoot and produce a ten minute segment on the anniversary of the Columbine High School Shootings aired for Denmark Television, April 24th, 2007, on the magazine show "Horisont." Columbine High School - Danish Radio News Magazine


Director of Photography - ENG
Tokyo Broadcasting System Television Inc. - TBS Magazine
Sony D-600 Beta SP - Boulder, CO: Live Shots of JonBenet story to Satellite
- to air on Weekly TBS News Magazine Show in Tokyo Japan.


Director of Photography 
James Hardie Siding  4- 60: National Commercials  James Hardie Commercial
Panasonic HVX-200, DVCPRO 50 - Shot footage in Reno NV, Boise, ID, Denver, CO for a series of National Commercials for the International Company, James Hardie Siding - Corporate Office: Mission Viejo, CA. Marketing Specialist, Marc Setty, Producer/Director, TVmob, New Zealand.


Director of Photography 
Court TV 2 Special Segments for the Weekly Program "North Mission Road"   
Panasonic HVX-200 - Interviews: Brian Higashi, Ballistic Expert for the Colorado Bureau Of Investigation.
LANCASTER - A man accused of murder admitted in court Tuesday that he shot and killed a 21-year-old woman as she ran from his car, but said he meant to scare her - not kill her.
As Brandi Olivares climbed a chain-link gate in the darkness along Barrel Springs Road, Scott Ward testified, he got a shotgun from the car's back seat and fired it, but couldn't see her and didn't know the blast had hit her...

Brian Hebbard - Chief of Police for Commerce City, Colorado. It was nine days before Christmas 1995, when Jeff Smink calls police to tell them his wife is missing. He said the night before, the two of them had shared a quiet evening at home in Redondo Beach, enjoying some wine and cheese before she headed out to the mall to pick up a few Christmas presents. She never came home. The police check with family and friends and quickly realize that Madolyn Smink is not a woman who would simply disappear on her own accord. The investigation continues as police talk to Madolyn’s husband... "North Mission Road" Mondays at 9:30pm E/P.


Director of Photography  
Paramount Home Entertainment  
Sony D-600 Beta SP - Interview: CARL DONELSON, former Special Forces agent. An in depth perspective on the Inter-Workings of the covert secret world of counterintelligence. A prelude DVD program to the new "Mission Impossible".


Audio Tech    
Discovery Canada - HDTV Specials Unit for the Science Ch   
Sony F-900HD -  Interviews and B-Roll at Mission Control - Lockheed Martin Lakewood, Colorado. The satellite "Stardust Operation" flight correction burn for it's return in January 2006 from it's 10 year 3 billion mile Comet Exploration mission. 


Director of Photography - Field Producer  
ESPN Hollywood- CA  
Panasonic 24P - Interview Max Bervy, the Director for Warren Miller entertainment. An in depth perspective on The latest HD production "Higher Ground" an ESPN special - Boulder, Colorado.


Director of Photography - ENG
Revlon/Almay BWR Public Relations
Panasonic HDX-900 - Shot behind the scenes footage and on-camera stand-ups at the 2005 Telluride Film Festival for New York based BWR Public Relations, Xtra and local affiliate stations. On-camera talent for segment packages: Revlon/Almay super model Elaine Irwin-Mellencamp.


Director of Photography - ENG   ESPN Hollywood- CA - ESPN Cold Pizza- NY   
Panasonic HDX-900 - Live Network shots/B-roll for ESPN covering the Grand Opening of a Lance Armstrong 24 Hour Fitness Sport Club in Denver, Colorado.


Director of Photography - EFP
History Channel
Panasonic 24P - 
Special program on the History Ch. Shot Behind the Scenes Segments of the Re-enactment of the "The Rush" "10 Days That Changed America." A story of The Western Gold Rush on the Oregon Trail - complete with wagon trains, mule packs and actors in period costume. Shot on location in Casper Wyoming on the original Oregon Trail. Original air date April 11th, 2006.


Director of Photography - Specialty Camera
National Geographic Channel  
Designed, built and monitored two Time Lapse Interval camera enclosures to record separate pig cadavers for a program on the Forensic Study of victims murdered and buried or left in the wild. Project headed up by the Necrosearch Law Enforcement Team in Douglas County, Colorado. Producer - Engel Brothers Media, NY.  

Necro Search: Unearthing the Truth


Director of Photography
History Channel - Modern Marvels
Sony D-600 Beta SP - Shot and co-produced a show segment for Modern Marvels, "Mountain Roads"  Aired July 5th, 05. Complete story on the Eisenhower Tunnel on Highway 70 in Colorado.  (Show Excerpts)

They are monumental feats of engineering that preserved America's natural wonders while paving the way towards her future.
Travel the Donner Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, site of a dark chapter in U.S. history. Today, crews use the latest technology to keep I-80 open during the worst winter storms. Enjoy the view while traveling to the summit of Colorado's Pike's Peak, inspiration for "America the Beautiful." The "Going-to-the-Sun-Road" slices through Montana's majestic Glacier National Park, crossing the Continental Divide and providing unsurpassed views of mountain scenery. Outside Denver, the Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel united eastern and western Colorado. And the Blue Ridge Parkway, which took 52 years to complete, snakes through some of the most beautiful scenery in the nation, bringing 20 million motorists a year closer to nature


Director of Photography
National Geographic Channel Biography
Panasonic 24P - National Geographic Channel Biography Shot interview segment for National Geographic Program “Expeditions To The Edge - Lost In Space: Gemini VIII with Jim Fucci the former CapCom U.S.S. Coastal Sentry Quebec for the 1966 Gemini 8 project. Date: 16 March 1966 16:41 GMT. . Landing Date: 17 March 1966. Flight Time: 0.45 days. Flight Up: Gemini 8. Flight Back: Gemini 8. Firsts: First docking of two spacecraft. First American emergency landing.  Program Credits
Gemini 8 Story         National Geographic Channel - Credits
Rich Raney 2nd UNIT DIRECTOR Lars Ullberg Megan Peterson SOUND Chris Clifton
Bennett Spencer KEY GRIP David Carreira PROPS/WARDROBE Moksha Jacobs CASTING ...


Camera Operator
Altitude Sports & Entertainment Altitude
Shoot weekly handheld/studio Live "on air" and Live to Tape segments for "Slap Back" & "The Summit". Pepsi Center - Mammoth Lacrosse Locker Room, Blue Sky Grill - Nuggets Basketball.

Production Manager
Kube Productions/Media UK Saudi Government
Production Management and location scouting assignment for Kube Media, UK. A show for the Saudi Government World Summit Meeting. Locate and scout - Interviewees and B-roll locations in the local Colorado Springs, CO Islamic Muslim community. Interviews for background on a husband and wife - the husband was killed in a car bombing in Saudi Arabia.

Director of Photography
E! Entertainment True Hollywood Stories
Sony F-900 - Shot interview and B-roll segments for the THS story "Love Behind Bars" on former husband (and current prison inmate) of Author Danielle Steel, incarcerated at the Territorial Prison in Canon City, CO.

Director of Photography
CBS Productions
Sony Digital - Shot interview segments/B-roll with the Olympic Finalist Mohini Bhardwaj that Pamela Anderson sponsored, in Colorado Springs, CO at Ariels Gym - CBS Productions for A&E "The Pamela Anderson Story".  

Director of Photography
CBS Productions
Sony D-600 Beta SP - Shot interview segments/B-roll for an A&E program special on the Colorado "Stark Conjoined Twins" follow up hospital examination and home visit.   

Audio Recordist
Hock Productions for ESPN
Panasonic 24P - Location audio for two camera shoot - "It's The Shoes" TV special to be aired on ESPN. A walk through interview at the Home of Nugget Team Member - Carmelo Anthony on the history of custom made tennis shoes.

Director of Photography
History Channel A&E Modern Marvels
Sony D-600 Beta SP - Shot interviews/B-roll for A&E Modern Marvels show on the "History of Taxidermy" Aired March 9 - It began as a tool used by prehistoric man to attract animals to the hunt. Over time it became an invaluable study aid for the natural scientist and a popular hobby for hunters and fishermen. Join us for a tantalizing look at the history of taxidermy, the craft of preserving animal skins and using them to recreate a still life of the animal as it appeared in life. We also check out fiberglass reproduction, which is gaining popularity as fish and game regulations become stricter. Finally, we examine human subjects in taxidermy. Using the very latest process of plastination, the once taboo science and art of preserving and displaying human corpses now draws crowds in Europe, Asia, and the U.S., proving the age-old practice continues to mesmerize us!

Additional Credits:  

CNN Larry King Live
Google Corporate
CNN - Anderson Cooper
CBS - The Early Show
ABC - Good Morning America
Bloomberg TV/News
Entertainment Tonight
Discovery Channel
National Geographic
E! Entertainment T.H.S.
Date Line
U.S. Interior Department
NBA All Stars
- Legacy Project
Altitude Sports
Nike Corporate
American Express

Story/Segment Shooter/Producer for Fox News, Altitude Sports - Danskin Corp. Women's Triathlon - ESPN, Discovery Channel and Entertainment Tonight. Extensive experience in location Broadcast News Affiliate Live Shots. Audio location A-1 for Discovery, Nike, Fox News and The Travel Channel.

Produced and shot two programs for The Office of Territorial Affairs on location in the South Pacific, highlighting business and recreation in the Marianas Islands.

Produced and shot a series of national thirty-second drug awareness PSA's for the "Bureau of Drug Enforcement".

Produced and shot twenty, thirty-second national water conservation spots for the Bureau of Reclamation.

Produced programming on championship schools for educators to facilitate the transformation of America's education system.

Helped develop and produce a series of programs on Outcomes Based Education, which aired on PBS.

Shot and produced in-house programs for American Express, Nordstrom, Re/Max, Rose Medical, National Jewish Center, St. Joseph Hospital, and Swedish Hospital, 


Industry Qualifications
Extensive hand-held camera experience in all production genres. Helicopter nose and door mount experience. Familiar with all makes and models of Beta, Beta SP, Digital Betacam and DVCAM cameras and VCR's.

Accomplished producer/editor NL, FCP HD, Matrox & Sony line of editors,, Adobe Premiere Pro.

Satellite uplink and downlink video conferencing, phone patch, single and multi-camera, studio and location.

Multi-camera production, TD, studio, location, ENG, engineering. Conferences, medicine, sports, music and industrial.

Technical Equipment
Satellite uplink and downlink video conferencing, phone patch, single and multi-camera, studio and location.
Multi-camera production, TD, studio, location, ENG, engineering. Conferences, medicine, sports, music and industrial.

Technical Skills
Working knowledge of PC and Macintosh computers, Final Cut NL  Graphic edit systems/ Premier Pro, Photo Shop CE, Photo Styler, Paint Shop Pro 4.0, and Composer paint software, Microsoft Office Products 


Jay Schlossberg Media Central
11609 Brandy Hall Lane
North Potomac, MD 20878

Meredith Fisher
Engel Brothers Media
535 8th Avenue - 19th Floor
New York, NY 10018
212-413-9201 (fax)

Mary Kaye Daniels
Vice President
BWR Public Relations
825 8th Avenue, 24th Floor
New York, NY 10019
Ed Brookover

Chairman of Political Practice

Political Communication Experts 
3101 Wilson Blvd. Suite 810
Arlington, VA   22201

Greig Veeder

David Carlson

New York
Independent Producer

 Reel                        Upon request

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