Dick and Mary Cabela invited Cero Productions into their most amazing home filled with unusual collections from around the world for an in depth sit-down interview with them and their three sons Wayne, Tony, and David.

Three Panasonic HD cameras along with two Canon 5d mark 2’s captured the brilliant colors of the location as KinoFlo key lights Arri back light kickers and a moon light Joker 5600 lit up the set of five chairs in a semicircle.  Five channels of wireless audio recorded the conversation using lavaliere and boom microphones. Apple computers and IPhones kept the crew connected and the files downloading for the smooth operation of a passionate and thoughtful list of questions.  Nader Tavangar, Dennis Azato, and Mike Aitken deserve acknowledgement for jobs well done with the camera direction and questioning.  Janece Amella’s skillful professionalism as the hair and makeup artist has the uplifting ability to relax the talent with positive, creative yet exciting feelings. Key Grip Chris Nightingale and Gaffer Andrew Phillips did an exemplary job of lighting work, painting the set with beautiful colors and hidden specials. A timeless piece of history is captured in a comfortable atmosphere educating and enlightening viewers on all subjects ranging from personal growth to stories of unexpected successes. This is one good interview you will want to watch again and again.